Our project designs are not to just meet General requirements, but offer real solutions to all our customers production needs. Our equipment must exceed our customers’ expectations as well as be cost effective. We know that the goal of the equipment provider is to insure the success and profitability of his customer. Continued Technological advancement in designs must keep him on the leading edge. These things will create longevity and success for both of us. Being in business for over 30 years, allows us to have the comprehensive knowledge of producing equipment that exceeds the highest standards in the industry. This means you have the benefit of a reliable partner at the top level. Always lead and let the others follow.



Gerlach Inc. is an equipment manufacturer of Rubber machinery for vulcanizing/curing, Microwaves, flocking, cooling and material handling. Along with this We have expanded to other equipment manufacturing outside of the rubber industry such as Non-rubber related ovens, burner systems, automated conveyor lines and more. Gerlach Inc. can also supply our customers Engineering services, electrical control panel fabrication along with complete design and build services. Our experience base includes providing systems for our customers markets as well as providing guidance and upgrades to machinery from Europe being transplanted to North America. We are always happy to quote to your needs.


For close to 30 years we have been the provider of service and parts to the Gerlach INC and other equipment we sold to the North American market. We continue to be here to fill your needs for spare parts, service or assistance with the equipment. No one knows the equipment better than we do.

Let us help you keep you productive.


Gerlach INC. can also provide confidential engineering services to assist you in designing, programming and start-up of equipment.  We can assist our customers with documenting services including AutoCAD, project outlines, Programing  and PLC layout using Siemens or Allen Bradly systems.


It doesn’t do you any good to make a quality piece of equipment if you’re not able to service it and meet the customers needs. Sometimes however rare it could be that you need parts. A large inventory of wear parts and manufactures spares are kept in stock at our main facility. We still recommend that the end user keeps some stock. Even if we overnight to you what is needed it still interrupts production for longer than necessary. Your inhouse stores can reduce down time to minutes. That’s important. We also offer a full staff of competent service and installation people. Don’t hesitate to call if you need repairs , upgrades or tuning. You’re the reason we are here for.

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