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Easily explained:  Our machines do not just operate in a general way,
but offer real solutions to all your hot air rubber vulcanisation  problems. 
This makes us feel we are providing a real service.

And when we say something, we mean it.  When we say solution, that's exactly what it is.  When we say rubber profiles, we are talking about something we have known inside and out for more than twenty years. 
When we say machine, it works.

A hot gas vulcanisation system must vulcanise your profiles flawlessly. 
A measuring and control unit must measure and control precisely. 
A cutting machine must separate your profiles into pieces of absolutely equal size. 

Simple tasks, but hard to do -
perfecting them has always been our aim.

North America:
Gerlach Inc.
600 Mogadore Road
Kent, Ohio, 44240
Ph   330-678-7774
Fax  330-678-3385
E-mail gerlach@gerlachinc.com



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