From time to time we get asked “how is Jürgen Gerlach” or “what is he up to”.  He sure is a memorable person that I have been able to call friend, mentor and second father for over 30 years. He and his family accepting me as one of their own is very humbling and something I will never forget.

Jürgen is Enjoying his retirement with his wife Monica traveling between their favorite locations. Getting closer to his mid-70’s to stay healthy and fit he continues with his hobby of jogging and physical exercise. He really enjoys his jogging and does so every day weather permitting. Most may not know but he also has a flair for gardening. He spends hours raising and keeping his Orchids healthy in his home. Everyone at his house including myself have been recruited to help plant Orchids on the tree in the Atrium. When you look at him it seems like time has stood still. When you talk to him you can still hear the same relaxed but confident personality he always presented.

It is our privilege to have him as a consultant and affiliate solely to our team at Gerlach Inc. His insight to this technology we feel is not surpassed by any other. With his mind still as sharp as before, he has helped us over the years with some great suggestions and input to technical approaches. We still consider him a valuable member of Gerlach Inc. and appreciate his willingness to be there for support or advise when we need him. His devotion to his work and this industry can now continue through us.

I personally had the honor to work with him side by side in the development of a lot of his programs. The knowledge he departed to me was something I still carry to this day. The long days and nights we worked together to solve problems and create new equipment was not work but a pleasure to do. Watching him go through a project and come up with solutions was a joy to be a part of, even if a small part.

Jürgen Gerlach is a talented man who still has a lot to give.  We hope he continues to be there for us for many years to come.

Gary A. Hall